Install Docker on macOS

Docker on Mac

Docker is hot these days and it seems like everyone want’s to run containers on their devices. Even when it’s not running Linux, it’s perfectly possible to run Docker, although it’s not running natively on macOS but it’s running in a small Linux based virtual machine, however this would not stop you from a near native Docker experience. Continue reading

Docker for Mac and Windows in Public Beta

Yesterday Docker announced that they will make the Docker for Mac and Windows beta publicly available.
So good news for anyone that didn’t get in the “closed” beta, this is your chance to get up and running with “near native” Docker, without the need of VirtualBox.

Another great thing is that it comes with the Docker Engine 1.12.0-rc2 build, so you can also play with all the new features like Docker Swarm etc.

Download links:

Have fun and happy Dockering!