Hi my name is Remon Lam an I’m a SRE/DevOps Engineer over at De Rechtspraak.

The longer story

In my daytime job I’m working as a SRE/DevOps Engineer at De Rechtspraak (Dutch Judiciary, if you want to know more about De Rechtspraak, please check out our English information page over here!).
mainly focusing on our container platform and CI/CD, monitoring & logging and things related to the container platform. And off course helping our software development teams to get the most out of platform.

Before this I worked at one of the larger consultancy company in the Netherlands, where I focused on Cloud Automation solutions from VMware. And before that I worked for many years as a Virtualization Engineer/Consultant.

Besides work

In the rare occasions that I’m not working. I’m searching for new technologies that could help my organisation to be more successful.

On of my other passions are ARM based machines, yup I know It’s weird 🙂
I currently have the following ARM machines;

  • All Raspberry Pi models
  • Pine64
  • Rock64
  • Thinkerboard
  • All kinds of NanoPi (but can’t recommend them)


If you want to contact me, please use one of the following ways;