Recently Docker announced a change in the Docker naming and versioning.

Basically it means that they have two streams of the Docker engine;

  • Docker Enterprise Edition (paid subscription with support from Docker Inc.)
  • Docker Community Edition (free, only community support)

According to Docker

Docker Community Edition (CE) is ideal for developers and small teams looking to get started with Docker and experimenting with container-based apps. Available for many popular infrastructure platforms like desktop, cloud and open source operating systems, Docker CE provides an installer for a simple and quick install so you can start developing immediately. Docker CE is integrated and optimized to the infrastructure so you can maintain a native app experience while getting started with Docker. Build the first container, share with team members and automate the development pipeline, all with Docker Community Edition.

Docker Community Edition Features

  • The latest Docker version with integrated tooling to build, test and run container apps
  • Available for free with software maintenance for the latest shipping version
  • Integrated and optimized for developer desktops, Linux servers and clouds.
  • Monthly Edge and quarterly Stable release channels available
  • Native desktop or cloud provider experience for easy onboarding
  • Unlimited public and one free private repo storage as a service *
  • Automated builds as a service *
  • Image scanning and continuous vulnerability monitoring as a service *

*denote add on services available free or with a subscription in Docker Cloud service

Docker Enterprise Edition (EE)

Docker Community Edition (CE)


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