Docker on Mac

Docker is hot these days and it seems like everyone want’s to run containers on their devices. Even when it’s not running Linux, it’s perfectly possible to run Docker, although it’s not running natively on macOS but it’s running in a small Linux based virtual machine, however this would not stop you from a near native Docker experience.


Great but how do I get it up and running on my mac.
Well it’s super simple just open your favourite browser and browse to

Choosing the right channel

When following the setup instructions you need to choose between two release channels;

The main difference between the two is one is a stable release (named Stable) that does not have all the lates and greatest features, but again it’s stable and won’t have that much bugs etc. Download the stable release.

The other release named Edge is more like a “beta” release and contains the latest and greatest features but may have bugs or features that have not been fully tested.
Download the Edge release.

So if you’re in for the latest and greatest I would go for the Edge one, if you want a rock solid Docker experience go for the more stable one.

Installing Docker

Once you have download the Docker.dmg file to your Mac it’s time to install Docker.

Drag the (Blue whale) to the Applications folder.
Now go to the Application folder and open Docker.

Click Next to continue.

Click OK and fill in you’re credentials.

Once you have completed the installation you should see a small Docker logo on top of your screen, just wait until it’s fully started.

Login with your Docker ID

In order to easily access your own things like Docker Hub, Docker Cloud you need to sign-in with your Docker ID to do this just click on the Docker logo on the menu bar and click on Sign in / Create a Docker ID.

Docker commands

Alright you have Docker up and running, now it’s time to get your hands dirty, in order to do some real work you need to open a Terminal and you should be able to execute the docker commands…

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