Installing Docker on ….

Installing Docker these days is not that hard, on most Linux based system you can install it with a simple apt-get install docker or something similar.

However doing so will probably get you an older version of Docker, this because the packages in the repositories of your distribution is most likely older than the one that Docker will provide.

For Mac’s (macOS) and Windows there are no package managers (although macOS has an unofficial one) available so you need to install Docker with the provided packages from Docker.

So what Operating Systems (OS) are supported by Docker?
This depends on what version of Docker your going to use… for example Docker Enterprise Edition has an shorter list of supported operating systems than the Community Edition (more about Docker CE vs EE can be found over here).

Besides Docker Enterprise Edition (EE) or the Community Edition (CE) there’s also something like a CPU architecture. Most systems will run an Intel or AMD 64 bits CPU, also known as AMD64. However ARM CPU’s are going to be more populair these days, and for some Linux distributions the ARM architecture both 32 bits and 64 bits are supported ass well.

And for systems running on ppc64le or s390x CPU’s Docker will provide you with a fully supported version of Docker 

Docker Enterprise Edition (EE)

First let’s take a look at the supported operating systems for Docker Enterprise.
It would not be a surprise to see mostly “Enterprise/Commercial” Linux flavours that Docker would support. At the moment only AMD64, ppc64le and s390x CPU architectures are supported for Docker Enterprise.

Here’s a list of supported operating systems for Docker EE, and how to install them;

Oracle Linux
Red Hat Enterprise Linux
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
Microsoft Windows Server 2016

Docker Community Edition (CE)

If you don’t need a fully paid (long term) supported version, you could take a look at Docker Community Edition (CE). CE will support a different set of Linux distributions than with the Docker Enterprise Editions. Also Docker CE supports both ARM (32 bits) and ARM64 (64 bits). Make note that there are no Docker CE packages for Microsoft Windows Server 2016.

Here’s a list of supported operating systems for Docker CE, and how to install them;


Docker Community Edition (CE) binaries

But what if you’re operating system is not supported and there are no Docker provided packages available? You have two options; the first one is the most easiest just use the packages provided by the package manager. The second options is to install Docker from the binaries.

Take a look over here how to install Docker from binaries.

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