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A Primer on Nvidia-Docker — Where Containers Meet GPUs [The New Stack]
A quick introduction to Docker tags [Medium – Shubheksha Jalan]
Creating portable development environments with Docker [Brandon Barnett]
Dockerize DevOps Workflows [Cardinal]
Put the Brakes on your Containers [Medium – Brian Christner]
A look back and a leap forward: “Docker has been the driving force behind the containerization movement” [Jaxenter – Gabriela Motroc]
Docker Turns 5: A Look at How the Technology Popularized Containers [eWeek]


Kubernetes 1.10: Stabilizing Storage, Security, and Networking [Kubernetes Blog]
Kubernetes 1.10: Hidden Gems [Jetstack]
The best architecture with Docker and Kubernetes — myth or reality? [Medium – Dmitriy Paunin]
Welcoming what’s new in Kubernetes 1.10 [Chris Hoge]
Building an ARM Kubernetes Cluster [Medium – Carlos Eduardo]
Windows Server 2019 will feature Linux and Kubernetes support [venturebeat]
Analysis of a Kubernetes hack — Backdooring through kubelet [Medium – Alexander Urcioli]


6 Lessons Learned from Going Serverless [Medium – Dan Van Brunt]
Rise Of The Nanoservice: How AWS Application Repository Will Accelerate Serverless [serverlessops]
Why AWS Lambda and .zip is a recipe for serverless success [Medium – Paul Johnston]
Serverless doesn’t have to be an infuriating black box [Medium – Burke Holland]
Serverless is eating the stack and people are freaking out — as they should be [Medium – Forrest Brazeal]
Skip containers and do serverless computing instead [InfoWorld]
Netlify Embeds Serverless Functionality into Its Web App Development Platform [The New Stack]


As DevOps Turns 10, How Do You Know if It’s Working for Your Company? [The New Stack]
Slack Technologies Builds Engineering Team to Combat Outages [The New York Times]
Containers and Microservices: Two Peas in a DevOps Pod [The New Stack]


The Surprisingly Rich History of ASCII Art [The New Stack]
More Tips for Managing a Fast-Growing Open Source Project [The Linux Foundation]
Dense Memcached with Nonvolatile Memory [The New Stack]
Microservices Security: Probably Not What You Think It Is [The New Stack]
Cloud Dominated the Decade — Where Will We Be in 2020? [The New Stack]

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